Bod Squad

Learning about positive nutrition habits and keeping a healthy lifestyle is fun with The Bod Squad!

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While Playing: 

There are many great activities found through the Bod Squad that teach your kids the importance of a healthy lifestyle and positive eating habits.
Check out the following games:

  • The Bodies vs. Boffo
  • The Bodies
  • Yo Yo on the Go Go
  • Blackbeard Galley Chef
  • Amazing Journey
  • Video Player Showing The Food Flicks
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Learning about healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle can be lots of fun, when you're learning with The Bod Squad.  This game meets many expectations in multiple grades - one of which is:

Health and Physical Education: Healthy Living

Demonstrate and understanding of factors that contribute to healthy development.

At-Home Activities: 

Here you can also find some great activities that you can print out and do at home:

  • Food Stories Activity
  • Make Your Own Recipe Box
  • Healthy Eating Boardgame
  • Mazes
  • Canada's Food Guide