Winter Wonderland

Is it too cold to go outside? Check out these winter activities and enjoy these great winter games!

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Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Do you love winter? I do! And winter's even more fun with winter activities!

*All About Germs: Learn all about germs; where they come from and how to get rid of them!

*Winter E-card: Send a cool snowflake e-card to one of your friends or family members!

*Snowboarding: Learn some cool moves for the slope in this great, fast-paced snowboarding game!

*Winter Word Hunt: Do you love hangman as much as me? Word games are fun when they're all about winter!

These games meet many expectations in multiple grades, including:

Math: Geometry and Spatial Sense (Snowboard Run)

Students will identify and classify acute, right, obtuse and straight angles

Language: Writing (Viking Winter Word Hunt)

Spelling familiar and unfamiliar words using a variety of strategies that involve understanding sound-symbol relationships, word structures, word meanings and generalizations about spelling.