Zerby Derby

Zerby Derby games and e-books let kids develop their problem-solving, math, and reading skills in a fun, engaging way. By using their knowledge of size, shapes and colours, and patterns, kids can build ramps and roads for different Zerbies to drive across, while an understanding of how forces act on objects will help kids drive the Zerbies farther, faster, higher, and safer. Reading the e-books allows children to develop reading and literacy skills during the retelling of three stories from the Zerby Derby television series.

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While Playing: 
  • Take turns playing the Zerby Derby Interactives with your child or play together.
  • Ask prompting questions if your child is having problems solving a level.
  • If playing Best Jump Ever, ask: Do you need a triangle, a square, etc. to fill that space? Do you need a large piece or a small piece to fill that space?
  • If playing Road Works, ask: What shape do you need to finish the road pattern? What kind of structure do you need to get past that obstacle?
  • If playing Race On, ask: What shape or colour do you need to collect? What happens if you hit a shape or colour that you are not supposed to collect?
  • When playing Best Jump Ever or Road Works, ask your child what happens when he or she uses a faster or slower Zerby.
  • Read the e-books to your child using the "Read by Myself" mode, pointing to the words as you read them and encouraging your child to read along.
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Your child can apply language, math, science and technology concepts and skill that they are learning in school as they interact with the Zerby Derby games and e-books. Zerby Derby games and e-books apply concepts and develops skills that are outlined in the Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum (2007) for Grades 1-2, the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum (2005) for Grades 1-2, and the Ontario Full-Day Early Learning – Kindergarten Program (Draft, 2010-2011).

The Best Jump Ever game also develops math skills related to geometry and spatial sense, especially related to the size, shape, and position of objects, as your child puts together the ramp structure. The skills of measurement and number sense are developed as your child observes how far the Zerby has jumped.

When playing the Road Works game, your child is developing the mathematical skills of spatial awareness and patterning by choosing appropriate parts to complete the road which the Zerbies will drive on.

The Race On game reinforces mathematics concepts and skills that your child is learning in school, particularly related to geometry and spatial sense, but also to number sense and numeration as the score increases when the correct objects are picked up and decreased as incorrect objects are picked up.

At-Home Activities: 
  • Try building a road for toy cars with your child across a room in your home that avoids household obstacles. Did you have to make any bridges or tunnels?
  • Create ramps to roll toy cars down. How does changing the length or angle of the ramp affect how far the toy cars roll? Do different cars roll different distances using the same ramp?
  • Watch Zerby Derby episodes on TVOKids with your child. They are fun and inspiring!