Little things you do around the house everyday can help promote literacy.

How kids can learn a new word every day:

  • Comment on a word on TV or in the newspaper.
  • Emphasize the use of synonyms and antonyms.
  • Use correct grammar.
  • Pick new words based on topics your kids like.
  • Open the dictionary at random and have them guess the definition of a new word.
  • Use advanced words when you speak to them so they can understand the word in the context of your sentences.

Make everyday activities a time to learn:

  • During bath time have kids role-play with their bath toys. Write on a steamy mirror or use batch crayons and write in the tub.
  • In the car, have them call out street names as you pass them. Have them explain what the symbols on street signs mean.
  • In the kitchen, let them read recipes to you when preparing dinner.

Make someone's day!

Work together to write a birthday card or letter to a relative. Have the kids read it out loud. An e-mail or e-card works too!
Get organized!

Get kids to write their to-do lists for the day/week/month, to help you write up the grocery list and find the matching products in the store.
Reading Rewards:

Reward kids for doing their chores with an extra bedtime story or allow them one extra book from the library.