Is your child starting kindergarten and you need advice? Our printable tip sheets can help!

Starting kindergarten is a really big step for such a little person. Parents need the tools to reinforce what their child will be learning at school and help them transition into this much bigger world.

TVOKids, TVOParents and our teacher advisor from Sheridan HighScope Teacher Education Centre, Moya Fewson, have put together the following tip sheets to help you through those major kindergarten hurdles.

  • Learn how to make friends: Making friends is very important to the social development of your child and one of the biggest sources of anxiety children have when starting school. Calm those fears. Print out these tips.
  • Learn how to share: Sharing is essential and doesn't come easily to young children. Help them learn. Print out these tips.
  • Learn to Listen: Listening is an essential skill to have in the classroom. Help your child learn to use their ears. Print out these tips.
  • Learning how to ask questions: By teaching your child how to ask questions, you are helping them become independent. Print out these tips.
  • Learn how to take turns: At school, kids need to know how to wait for their turn. Print out these tips.
  • Learn our ABC's: Help your child hone those reading skills. Print out these tips and play Alphabet Goop, one of many ABC games in Gisèle's Big Backyard.
  • Learn our 123s: Nurture the mathematician in your child with a few easy counting games. Print out these tips and play Gisèle's fun counting game Butterfly Count.
  • Learning how to get creative: Help your child explore his/her creativity. Print out these tips.

Starting kindergarten is scary. Being prepared for the big changes ahead will make it easier for everyone.