With guidance from Parenting Educator, Barbara Coloroso, TVOKids.com brings you Choo-Choo Choices, hosted by Gisele's furry friend, Sticks. This activity will help your two- to five-year-old learn caring, sharing and helping skills. These skills will help them become better friends to others around them.

While You Play:

  • Sit down with your child, either on your lap, or next to you.
  • Watch the short cartoon with your child, the read the words that appear aloud.
  • Have your child decide what Sticks, the squirrel, should do: Care, Share, Help or Be Mean.
  • Explore all the options.

More Activities:

  • Go to a park or an indoor playground where your child can play with other children that he/she may not have interacted with before. This is a great way to test out new-found social skills!
  • Organize play dates for your child. Stay close by so that you can mediate where necessary to make sure that your child is trying to be a caring, sharing and helpful friend.
  • Check out the puppet-based flash cards in the Caregiver Guide! These can be used at home or in a class scenario, and are a great way for your child to practice his/her new social skills.