Want to get your preschooler on the road to reading? We have many expert tips and tricks to help you get started. And TVOKids has shows and online games dedicated to helping preschoolers develop early reading skills. The following is just a sample of what TVOKids has to offer budding readers:


  • Letterella Kids can learn new letters and explore the sounds they make with this fun TVOKids character Letterella.
  • Alphabet Goop Gisèle helps kids explore new words by stirring up a recipe of new letters in her alphabet soup.
  • Martha Speaks Martha is a lovable, talking dog who embarks on adventures with her human kids while using up to 20 new words an episode.
  • The Adventures of Sir Reads-A-Lot TVOKids puppet character Sir Reads-A-Lot reads along with kids to help them learn new sight words.
  • Word World Word World is an animated show where words come alive, save the day and become your friend.
  • Lulu Lulu is a French animated series based on the French Immersive educational philosophy featuring a fun-loving squirrel.