From "The Cat in the Hat" to "Alligator Pie," rhyming kids' books stand the test of time. This month's book club explores why kids love rhyme and how rhyme, rhythm and poetry help kids learn. Our experts also recommend their favourite rhyming books.



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Top Three Picks:


Our Panel:

Bruce Meyer is professor of English at Georgian College in Barrie where he teaches in the Laurentian University BA program. Author of 34 books, most recently "A Book of Bread," "The White Collar Book: Canadian Poetry and Prose of the Professional World" (ed. with Carolyn Meyer), and "Alphabestiary: A Poetry Emblem Book" (with H. Masud Taj). He is the inaugural Poet Laureate of the City of Barrie.

Carol-Ann Hoyte works full-time as assistant librarian at Selwyn House School in Westmount, QC. She is also an emerging children's poet who made her debut in 2008. Most of her poems to date have been published in "School Magazine Australia" but the others have appeared in children's online and print publications in Canada, the U.S., and England. Carol-Ann, who lives in Montreal, is also the creator and co-editor of "And the Crowd Goes Wild!: A Global Gathering of Sports Poems" (Friesens Press), an anthology for children, which will be released in August 2012.

Carol-Ann's Poems: umbrellas.pdf, pillow.pdf, friend.pdf, footprints.pdf

Adwoa Badoe tells stories through writing, oral storytelling and traditional African dances. She has lived in Guelph since 1992 when she emigrated from Ghana, West Africa. Adwoa has published trade picture-books, young adult novels, a collection of folktales and readers for educational markets. She has travelled as far as Ohio, Barcelona and Ghana to present keynote speeches and papers at conferences. She has won various grants and awards for her work in the arts including the Guelph YMCA/YWCA Women of Distinction Award. She volunteers as a member of the Guelph Citizenship Committee.

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