I went to a press screening of the movie Bully, which opens April 6, and all I can say is 1. you should see it  2. bring tissue  3. be prepared to think about it for a long time afterwards.  


What animal sleeps the most in a 24 hour period? What animal sleeps the least? Mary Bigler explains how these questions can make reading fun.

Kids aged 0-4 need to spend more time moving and less time reclining in those cushy little chairs. Participaction has released new guidelines and easy ways to get kids active.

Have you ever crossed the line on how competitive you are as a parent? Have you ever thought about why? Where does this stuff come from?

A 12-year-old writes on why the Hunger Games books are so popular with young readers, like himself.


March 22 is World Water Day. There's so much to talk about with the kids - wasteful bottled water here at home and the need for clean, safe water around the world.


In a time when "21st century" education mandates teaching kids arts and creativity, but declining enrolment and budgets mean school closures - an arts-intensive school in Peterborough faces closure. So, the students are taking on the fight. Student Council President Matthew Finlan rants about why the school is more needed than ever (in a tribute to Rick Mercer - who was filming at the school).


How primal is our love of rhythm and music? Babies know rhythm. And a new study shows some distinctive rhythm signatures by famous composers. What is going on in our musical brains? And does it all come down to math?

When you think of kids' storybooks, you probably think of fairy tales or fiction. Non-fiction books are a big part of the market though, and our experts tell us why.

Is there a family that doesn't suffer from sibling rivalry? Our expert says he's never met one.

Are you willing to let your kids wander around a bit in the park, the forest, the field this March Break?  It's cheap and more valuable than you may think.

A girls' basketball team in Vancouver has made good - lifting a few of its players out of East Side and giving them a shot at university and bigger dreams. It's a 3-pointer.

New science is challenging the idea that fighting obesity means using more calories than you consume - staying active. Something called obesogens may be blocking the way.

Life is exciting but difficult for newcomer kids. See what it's like for them in the British documentary My New Home and hear about the Ontario experience.

International Women's Day, March 8, is a great day to start talking to your daughters about staying strong and demanding their rights.

Okay, have you had your child's ears and eyes checked? Their teeth? Here's what to check on your child...and when...

It's a start - the world has met the drinking water target that was part of the UN's millennium development goals...

What is the difference between being shy and being introverted? Susan Cain has lived it and knows it.

He is 108 years old today - and yes he's alive in our imaginations and hearts...