When your kids are little, you have great hopes and dreams for them. My neighbour did, until her son was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Now her hopes for him have changed.

How do Ontario schools measure up in 2012?  What's improved?  What needs work?  Here's a look at People for Education's most recent research. 

Last night I reconnected with many of my children's teachers. It felt so good to reminisce about 'our' kids and I was reminded of the powerful connection we have with teachers.

We've seen recent articles and videos, especially from the U.S., holding up the Ontario education system as a model of excellence. Always seems to come as a surprise to Ontarians. Is the province on the right track - can it stay there if the education cuts go deep?


I wish we didn't need this day. But we do. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people hear homophobic slurs as many as 28 times a day. Still.  May 17th is a day to recognize this horror and vow to become an ally.

How do violence, trauma, racism, loss, abandonment, neglect, poverty, incarceration and apathy affect the mental health of children and youth? Well, let's just say they do. Question is, what can we do about it?

Cheryl and I recently went to the Brain Power Conference in Toronto. And we were fortunate to meet up with some parents who follow us on Twitter and Facebook...including Stephanie Ly - a thoughtful, engaged Mom, who won tickets in our Brain Power Conference ticket giveaway.

It's that time of year again - EQAO time. Ontario students in Grades 3,6 and 9 will write the standardized tests soon. Can you prepare your child? Should you? TVOParents explains the tests and TVOKids is hosting a special edition of the Homework Zone on Monday May 14th where kids can ask a teacher about the tests.

Half of all mental illness begins before the age of 14. Not only do we have to recognize the signs in our children, but we have to be willing to talk about it. My daughter's school did something extraordinary yesterday to help kids do just that.

You have time to read this blog post because the kids are at daycare or school, or on a play date. They’re safe, they’re having fun, and they’re with their friends.

But is that a good thing?

According to developmental psychologist Gordon Neufeld, peers can help foster a sense of self-esteem and belonging in your child. They can also help kids learn how to get along with each other. And let’s face it, friends mean we don’t have to spend every waking

The Brain Power Conference exposed parents, teachers, researchers to the rather new world of neuroeducation and the idea that we can help our kids build better brains for learning. We have highlights.

Do your kids like fairy tales? What is it about these often scary stories that keep kids enchanted? Our experts tell us why fairy tales have endured and suggest their favorites.

A new report from People for Education questions whether the dropping numbers on waiting lists for special needs testing actually reflects an improvement.

It's been an unlevel playing field, sometimes literally, in Ontario schools with some able to raise tens of thousands of dollars and others not only unable to raise money, but actually losing money at their fundraisers. Now new guidelines are in place, but some are questioning whether it's enough.


TVOParents is off to the first annual Brain Power Conference. The name alone signals a shift in how we think about learning and the emerging area of brain science.

My 16-year-old daughter is trying to memorize 50 lines of Shakespeare's Macbeth. It's an all too rare chance for her to practise her working memory, if you ask me.