We know that kids do better in school when their parents are engaged in their learning, but what does that mean? Today Education Minister Laurel Broten highlighted the work we do at TVOParents to help your child succeed.

Remember back in May when your child was writing EQAO tests? The results were released today and while there have been some gains, there have also been losses.

Going back to school is bittersweet.

Death in the family is hard, but if you can get through the sadness and loss, there can be an upside. At least that's how I saw it this summer. Here's why.


Do teachers need to be fun to be good?

How do you know what your child may be good at? What they love? What might make them wildly successful some day? After hearing from parents of Olympians and my own discussions with my family, I've got some ideas.

How nice is this? Talking about books, guided by teachers, in a back yard with a pool and dinner to follow? That's the Nubian Book Club which uses a social summer setting to teach literacy skills to anyone who wants to come. Community and education at its best.