The Ministry of Education in Ontario has beefed up its equity and inclusion policy in an effort to make kids from all families feel welcome and safe.

For 12 years now, standardized testing has been a prime mandate of the Ontario government. The EQAO tests are controversial, and the debate continues.

When kids are caught between two cultures, conflicts can arise between kids and their parents, or among peers. We talk to some experts about how to help.

Parents are tired of running around, and so are the kids. Many are embracing the "slow child movement" which questions the amount of structure kids need.

What does it take to make your child a good reader? What role do parents play? Can playing lead to reading? And when should parents push?

Our kids have been back at school for a week or two now, and reality has set in. How can we help them enjoy school and the routine?

Ontario children went back to school today, and while they may have the jitters, their parents are sure to have more.

When your children travel far from home for extended periods of time, they grow up, but so do you. It's preparation for what's to come.

Do you know what kind of learner you are? It matters in the classroom, because if a child's learning style is not recognized, he might hate school.

We've hit the ground running this August, and boy do we have some good topics planned for this season.