Why did I ever learn to sew? Why? Now I'm the mom who gets to help sew a gown designed by two 15-year-olds.

Wisely, the other mom doesn't even own a sewing machine, so our house has become the studio. I wish I were that mom.

Do I sound frustrated? I am. Well, I'm starting to relax because I think the worst is over, but the last few days.....oh, man.

My daughter and her friend chose to design and sew a dress themselves for their

The other day, I met a group of Hippies. No tie dye or flowers, no protests or sit-ins. These were women who want to make a difference in children's lives in a gentle, step-by-step way.

They belong to a group called HIPPY, which is the acronym for Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters. It's a home-based education program that helps parents help their children get ready for school. (Hey, that sounds a

My mother-in-law, Betty, whom I've known and loved for 27 years, passed away yesterday. I had to tell my children last night.

How do you tell a child that their grandmother has died? Is there a good way to do it? A bad way? Does it matter how it's said, when the message is the same? I gathered my three children, all teenagers, around the kitchen table, and just said it. "You guys, I have some sad news. Nana died this morning."


I'm not at all stressed this holiday season. This scares me. I think I must have forgotten something, or someone, because I've never felt this relaxed at this time of year.

My whole family has been looking forward to this break for weeks, maybe months. Everyone works so hard at school, at work, that time together seems to get more rare each year. But for two weeks, we will do whatever we want to do....sleep, cook, eat, watch movies (maybe several in a day), read, ski

Girls read more than boys, right? That's what the test scores would tell you.

In Ontario, according to EQAO scores (the standardized tests administered by the Education Quality and Accountability Office), boys lag behind girls in all literacy scores, right through to high school. The Ministry of Education has deemed this a problem and has initiated a program called "

It's that time of year again. You get 15 minutes, or less, to find out how your child is really doing at school - beyond the report card.

As my colleague, Sarah, says in her blog, "Report Card Blues", report cards are confusing. They are cut and paste efforts by busy teachers who have to somehow tell the story of

Here's how I like to think about autism. It's an disorder characterized by extreme forms of behaviors we all share, to some degree.

Before our special on autism, I knew very little about the disorder.
Despite the statistics (1 in every 147 children diagnosed), I know of only one child with Asperger's, a disorder on the autism

How well do you know your child's teacher? How well does your child's teacher know you? And does it even matter?

My colleague, Albert, has blogged about this, and I'm going to add my own two cents to his ideas. Albert suggested a "meet the parent" night, rather than a "meet the teacher" night. I love that idea, and I'm just guessing, but I think teachers would like that idea too.

About 50 new kids come from feeder schools to

I should have figured it out when he was six years old. I didn't, but a teacher did, and she was right.

When my son was six ( a very long time ago), he and a friend begged to join an after school art club. It was set up for older kids, but the teacher in charge agreed they could come. After a few weeks, the teacher came up to me with one of his projects, a clay dolphin that he'd sculpted, on a pedestal. "This is really good," she said. "You

Today we talk about death. Which is a change, especially since we're talking about kids and death.

We generally don't like to put the two together. Kids mean life - joyful, exuberant, energetic, early life. Why should they have to think about death? It seems so cruel.

But life is death. In the words of award-winning children's author, Jan Thornhill, "life is 100 % fatal.