Bisphenol A is in the process of being classified a toxic substance by the Canadian government. What does that mean?

It means that the chemical commonly found in baby bottles, sippy cups, reusable water bottles and tin can linings is damaging the health of our families.

Groups like the Environmental Defence have been warning about the use of this chemical for years now. It is linked

When my daughter was in kindergarten, a boy two years older knocked her down in the schoolyard and punched her in the stomach.

When I found out, I was livid. I marched into the principal’s office demanding that the boy be punished and his parents called.

Of course, my assumption was that his parents would be livid too. I thought they would be surprised by their son’s behaviour and maybe apologize on his behalf. I didn’t expect them to do what they did

There’s a boy in my daughter’s class—we’ll call him Sam—who has a problem. Or maybe it’s not Sam who has a problem, but everyone around Sam has a problem. You see, Sam’s been labeled as having ‘behavioural issues.’

When you first think of a child with this label, you think of a bully bent on destroying the classroom experience for other kids. Or you think of a child with a medical issue. But Sam doesn’t fit any stereotypes
Your Voice is doing a special on overprotective parenting in April. I have to admit that I've been guilty of this in the past, but I've improved a lot- until now.

My daughter has been walking home after school by herself since the beginning of the school year (grade seven). She has a cell phone for emergencies and after the first several weeks, I was able to stop the debilitating anxiety attacks that forced

My daughter got braces this week. If I could trade places with her, I would.

Braces are no fun-- for anyone. They cost parents buckets of cash (boy, am I in the wrong profession!) and the kids are miserable in them. My daughter can't chew properly, her mouth is sore and she has now decided that she's "hideous."

Of course, 16 months from now she'll have a couple of lines of straight teeth and it will all be worth it. Though to a child, 16 months might as well

It’s officially official this time. My daughter isn’t nuts, she just isn’t right in the head. The ETA on sanity is about 12 years.

A recent study out of Chicago found that in the brains many tweens, the area in charge of emotional response is much more developed than the area in charge of managing those responses. In other words, they can’t really stop their emotions-- at least not until they are around 24.

I remember those days. The sixth grade for
I have written in the past about how my daughter and her friends were measuring each others thighs to see who was skinnier. I have also been very quick to blame the media. I have since realized that it’s not that simple.

Lately, I have been researching body image issues

My daughter is fast approaching high school so of course my attention was piqued by the recent release of the School Safety Report.

The picture painted of Toronto high schools is enough to consider home schooling. Rape, guns, belligerence and teacher apathy seem to be the norm in some schools. So as a parent, what do you do?

When I was in high school everything wasn't Cleaveresque. We

We’re now on day two of the dreaded first week back to school and everyone is still sane (of course, sane is a relative term). My daughter may be bleary-eyed and cranky but she’s at school.

I’m lucky compared to the poor mother in Mexico who went upstairs to get her son up for the first day back and found him watching television with his hand firmly glued to