We?re accustomed to half-days for kindergarten students. Now that full-day learning for four and five year olds has been proposed, what will it look like?

The Daily Bread Food Bank wants kids to learn more about hunger and why it happens.

People for Education's parent support line is a way to talk to other parents about what's happening in your child's school.

Sharing your passions is a way to bond with your child.

Canada is a country with families from many different countries. What do we gain if we encourage children and their parents to embrace their first language?

It?s important for kids AND parents to know there?s always somebody who will listen to kids.

Whether it's a store-bought costume or one made at home, dressing up and make-believe is good for your kid's imagination.

Remember the controversy surrounding BPA in baby bottles? Well, the federal government has added bisphenol A to Canada?s list of toxic substances.

The election results are in. Where do parents looking for childcare solutions go from here?