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Good documentaries examine issues that scratch deep below the surface.

Manufactured Landscapes is Jennifer Baichwal’s excellent documentary about artist and photographer Edward Burtynsky.  It airs on TVO's

Every two weeks, my toddler-boy comes home from daycare with stacks of art. 

They’re fantastic finger-paintings and collages using magazine cutouts, foam, sprinkles, doilies and feathers that make great gifts for relatives and friends.

Of course many paintings are ones only a parent could love.  But a few are either remarkable multi-media works or abstract-expressionistic wonders. 

Does he have a gift?  Will he be the next

In the event of an emergency, do you know how to perform CPR?

In light of the recent coverage on overprotective parenting and research by Safe Kids Canada showing that unintentional injuries in and

My first and only experience at a summer camp was hockey school.  It was a day camp, and I took the two buses to and from the arena.  Occasionally, my parents would drop me off or pick me up.
At camp, we had ice time for power skating, drilling for skills, and scrimmaging.  For off-ice activities, we played various games and sports.  The instructors were junior hockey players who, like many older teenagers, were working during the summer months for extra

"Please bring in a small potted plant or flower."  It’s a small request from my toddler’s daycare, but I’m a big advocate of admiring the details.

For Earth Day tomorrow, my son and his classmates will be planting their plants and flowers in the daycare garden.

We live in an urban setting, so like most families these days

Think your kid surfing on the family computer is the same as your kid sitting in front of the television? If you think -- yes -- think again.

Marc Goodchild, the Head of Interactive and On-Demand at BBC Children's, was speaking at Interactive Ontario's Interactive Content Exchange conference in Toronto recently, and he made some astute points about our children's online safety.

"The internet is not a substitute for television," Goodchild says. "It

My toddler is flying at poetic heights.

On the road to acquiring language – colours, shapes, numbers, alphabet, etc. – he gets excited and bursts out with gleeful babbling fits:  “Jammer, jammer, jammer.”  “Why-ew, why-ew, why-ew.”  “You-we, you-we, you-we.”  (BTW, these are my spellings, not his.)

There are also times he talks about various things in his world and switches the customary syntax so that

Earth Hour is around the corner.  Think of it as a learning opportunity.

As you’ve probably heard, Earth Hour is a global movement in major cities organized by the World Wildlife Fund.  Last year, Earth Hour debuted in Sydney as over 2 million people and businesses worked together to reduce the city’s energy consumption by 10%, saving 25,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

This is inspiring stuff for today and for tomorrow. 

As a mom, dad,