by Cheryl Jackson Friday December 5, 2008

Most of us parents want to know if we're like other parents. We don't want to be too out of sync with other moms and dads. But is "normal" always right? Or is there a time and place for doing your own thing, and trusting your instincts, even if that means you're not "normal"?

Go to Your Voice and take our short, eight-question quiz. It will give you an idea of how normal, or typical, you are as a parent. The best thing about the quiz, however, is that it makes you think about why you do what you do. For instance, have you ever told your child "I'll be there in a minute", but really taken ten? C'mon, you probably have. Why do we do this? Why aren't we honest with our kids? And what are they thinking when we do that? Can they trust us?

Our guest, Sara Dimerman, began her practice in child and family therapy more than 20 years ago. Since then, she says "normal" is the one word that has come up most often. Parents ask if they're normal, if their kids are normal. Is it normal to feel guilty as a parent?
What is normal?

Sara decided to write a book all about normal. It's called Am I a Normal Parent? It goes behind the curtain, so to speak, revealing parents' fears and worries about their parenting, and ultimately, reassures us that it's normal to wonder if we're normal. It also offers expert advice and parenting tips.

Join us on Your Voice. We'll talk to Sara, tally the quiz to see how many of you are "normal", and answer your questions.