by Cheryl Jackson Sunday June 3, 2012

I feel we're at a tipping point, of sorts. Finally it seems we're ready to heed the advice of experts about the importance of raising healthy kids. June 4-10 marks the first annual Healthy Me Week  and Ontario has set up a Healthy Kids Panel to reduce childhood obesity.

I'm very pleased to be a member of that panel, set up by Ontario's Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Deb Matthews. We've already had one meeting and we're a keen group. Our task is to come up with strategies to reduce childhood obesity in Ontario. This is a complex issue and that's why the panel is so diverse. It includes medical experts, food industry and physical activity professionals, and people like me who represent and speak to parents and children. Together we'll come up with practical, feasible recommendations that will address the many issues that lead to childhood obesity.

The Healthy Me Week initiative is designed to inspire and motivate kids and families to get active and get healthier.  TVO is a partner in that effort.  We know health plays a role in a child's learning success.

We also know that what children eat, the games they play and how much time they spend outside contributes to their health and well-being.  Take a look at our page of tips and information to get you and your kids moving toward a healthier lifestyle. It matters now, and later.

And keep watching my blog for news about the Healthy Kids Panel. We meet once a month until the report is delivered to the Ministry in December and I'll be able to share some of the details with you as we learn and develop our recommendations.