Monday November 12, 2012

The host of this year's conference brought his message to the crowd:  Integrated Thinking is where it's at in education. Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman School of Management, believes students need a new way of thinking if they're to succeed in the 21st century. He advocates an approach he calls "integrated thinking", a way of problem solving that involves being open to opposable ideas. He's using it with his management students and he's now taking it to elementary and high school classrooms.

We recorded his keynote address. He also agreed to a short interview where he explained the basics of integrated thinking. After that, I sat in on one of the integrated thinking workshops where participants worked through the pros and cons of traditional school versus online learning. Unlike most exercises where you try to determine pros and cons,  this one spent much more time on process. The facilitators encouraged us to "fall in love" with each idea before we gave in to the other. It forced us to see the positives on each side of the argument before we chose a side. It was interesting.

Once again, the weekend was a great way to hear about news in education and to connect with all of you.  Here's a slideshow of the day.