by Amit Kumaria Friday June 8, 2012

A letter to my girls…
To be read ONLY on the day your first child is born.

Dear Girls,
I’m writing one letter; I know the chances of you both having children at the same time are slim. However, I trust the first one to give birth will keep this secret until the second one does. The message will be exactly the same, so it may as well be delivered the same way. You’re calling me lazy as you read this; I like to think of it as efficient.

You’ve had your first child and without sounding too much like that guy we used to live beside who always said “how about that heat?” on hot days; I’ve been there. There IS a point to this and I will get to it.
I don’t have to tell you, I was and still am, an involved Dad. I have been since the day you both came into this world via C-section. In fact, I submit to you, that in the evolution chart of fatherhood, I’m probably one of the ones standing somewhat upright toward the end, with only a slight slouch. I did things that my Dad, your Dadu, would never have done when I was a baby. How do I know this? Because, he told me almost every chance he got. Not in that ha-ha-you-touched-poo kind of way. More, in that you-are-a-great-Dad-and-this-is-how-I’m-acknowledging-it kind of way.

Here’s a list of stuff I did when you were babies that Dadu did not do when I was a baby:

Stuff Me Dadu
change diapers did that didn't
clean up barf did that didn't
cook for you did that didn't
feed you did that didn't
bathe you did that didn't
dress you did that didn't
play tea party did that didn't
put on makeup did that didn't









Just to be clear, this isn’t to show you what a great Dad I was/am. More, it is to show you that parenting and the roles of parents have evolved and changed over the years. I helped and got involved with your upbringing on every level I could because I wanted to, it was in me, and it felt right.  And if the pattern holds true, your partners will likely be able to do all of this AND lactate by now. Kidding of course; but let them help any way they can. They want to.


And now your Dadu wants to help, too. Since you girls came into our world, this is his list:

Stuff Dadu
change diapers did that
clean up barf did that
cook for you did that
feed you did that
bathe you did that
dress you did that
play tea party did that
put on makeup did that









Just as you created positive change in Dadu, I know you will make me a better parent. I can’t wait to see my list in a few years.