Wednesday June 27, 2012


Mom bloggers and their kids were TVO’s guests recently for the launch of two TVOKids games.

“Hop, Frog, Hop” and “Ribbit , Frog, Ribbit” went live on June 20th, and Deborah Coombs of “Raising My Boys”, Sonya Davidson of “Urban Moms”, Rebecca Cuneo Keenan of “Playground Confidential”, and Sam Kemp-Jackson of “Multiple Mayhem Mama” attended TVO’s sneak peak.

The University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) conducted research to show that these games can help improve working memory. Pat Ellingson, TVO’s Head of Children’s Media and Zachary Hawes, the lead researcher at OISE, introduced the games.

Here’s TVOParents' interview on what working memory is, and why it’s important to your child’s learning.