by Zeelaf Majeed Monday September 26, 2011

A new school year is underway, and we think the timing couldn’t be better to present our new site to you. We’ve re-designed, in the hopes it can be even more helpful to parents and caregivers.

Our mission hasn't changed. We still aim to help you help your kids succeed in school and life. But we wanted to make sure we were presenting our information in a way that makes sense. So we took a hard look at our articles, videos, and blogs, and we came up with a new structure.

Everything we do can now be found in three main categories - School and LearningHealth and Development, and Social and Emotional. School and Learning covers everything from helping your child learn to read, to understanding school policies. Health and Development explores what's going on in your child's brain and body at every age and stage, and the health issues that can affect a kid's learning. Social and Emotional deals with all the "feeling" stuff. From empathy to bullying, this is where you'll find advice from experts, and personal stories from other parents that may help.

New to our site is a Parents' Toolkit, which has tipsheets, quizzes, and educational resources like Homework Zone. We also created a Learning with TVOkids section, which explains the educational benefits of the programs and games your child watches and plays on TVOkids and

Something I'm really happy about is that posts from our TVOParents Facebook page are now displayed on our homepage. It's important because this is where we highlight all the latest research in parenting and education. We think a well-informed parent is a parent who can make confident decisions, and this is our way of helping you stay up-to-date. A lot of interesting discussion erupts here as well, so we hope you'll join the community and participate.

Our "Everything You Wanted to Know About..." section is at the bottom of the homepage, and it contains topics that we have a lot of stuff on. We’ve gathered all that stuff together in one place for your convenience.  For example, if you go to our Reading and Writing topic page, you'll find articles on getting your younger kids reading, as well as reading and writing curriculum expectations for your older children, blogs on personal challenges and triumphs, and video interviews with experts on when kids should read (is it ever too late?), and why it's a hard skill to learn (we're not wired to read!).

Finally, I'd like to mention the TVOParents Book Club - which makes me as happy as our Facebook offering. Our panels talk about kids' books that encourage reading, and they also recommend books that can help you discuss difficult subjects with your kids, like racism or divorce.

Okay, I need to stop writing now, and just let you see for yourselves. If you like something, or don't like something, please let us know (there's a comment box below). We made these changes for you. We care what you think.


Zeelaf Majeed is Supervising Editor of