Sunday December 23, 2012

I truly believe that health begins early - physical health, mental health and emotional health.  What happens in the first days, weeks, months and years of life can set a child on a trajectory that is difficult to change later.  In fact, focussing on a child once he gets to school may be too late. It is definitely not optimal. What's that saying?  "Give me a child until he's seven, and I'll give you the man".  Wise words from Jesuit Francis Xavier.

With that in mind,  I was most inspired by and proud of our interviews with Chaya Kulkarni, Director of Infant Mental Health Promotion at the Hospital for Sick Children. Chaya came in to our studio several times to talk about the importance of nurturing babies and toddlers. We explored "Nurturing Your Child's Early Brain Development", "Attachment vs Attachment Parenting", "Poverty and Brain Development", "How Stress Affects a Child's Brain Development", "Brain Development is Social", and "Aggression and Pre-schoolers".  All carry the same message - the way you interact with your baby affects her development later. It's a bit of a no-brainer, but Chaya explains the science behind it.

Here are the interviews. They're all about 10 minutes long, short and sweet, and available by podcast too if you'd rather listen on the way to work or while you're making dinner. Enjoy. And I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family.