by Lisa Fernandes Friday October 26, 2007

Parents across cyberspace are concerned about the online activities and safety of their children. But are they really web-savvy enough to do anything about it? For most parents, the answer is probably not. 

MySpace stunned members everywhere when they banned 29 000 registered sex offenders from their site. And those are only registered offenders! Who knows how many unregistered sex offenders are lurking around your child's MySpace page.

You should be aware of what your child is doing online and every parent knows this, but the problem is that they really don't know how to go about it. When kids today are much more web-savvy than their parents, it's not hard to imagine how some parents make an effort, but find the task of monitoring online activities daunting. A recent study from Ipsos-Reid noted that:

  • Only 49% of parents know the online aliases their children use.
  • 26% of parents say they're unfamiliar with the video-sharing site YouTube.
  • 41% per cent don't know the social networking site Facebook.
  • one-third of parents are unfamiliar with MySpace.

These numbers are surprising given that 92% of parents say they've spoken to their kids about online dangers.

Here are some tips on how to choose and use an appropriate social networking site.