by Karen Bridson Monday February 24, 2014

Let's face it: there's just too much to keep on top of as parents.

As soon as we think we've got it all covered, we realize there's something that's slipped our minds.

Fortunately the folks at TVOKids are thinking of some of those little things we sometimes forget. Like fire safety checks. This month they have once again launched the Push the Button campaign, sponsored by Kidde, Canada’s leading smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm company.  The goal of the campaign is to encourage families to push the Test button on their smoke alarms to make sure they are working properly.

While checking your alarms, you can talk to your kids about fire escape routes, what to do when there's a fire, Stop Drop and Roll and all of that.

You can even make it fun by using a stick of incense and holding it up to the alarms to make sure it goes off when exposed to smoke. Talk about how the science behind that works (Some alarms use lasers and others use radiation). Sit your child down and get them to draw out the various fire escape routes too. That should should buy you enough time to sit down on the couch, have a nice cup of tea and exhale. For a few minutes, anyway.