Wednesday March 21, 2012

Michael Finlan has something to get off his chest - and Rick Mercer inspired him (Mercer was filming at the school). The student council president of Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational School gives his reasons why the arts-intensive school can't close - even though that is exactly what is slated to happen. (300 of the 975 students from across the county attend the arts program - it is not an arts school per se, thanks to a reader for pointing that out). As we said in our previous blog on PCVS, school closures are a constant in our province. Declining enrolment means hard decisions for school boards and parents and communities...And the emotional connection some people feel is real.

Remember the song the two former students sang in the school hallway? Kate and Janelle sing Neko Case's Star Witness...and are a tribute to why arts programs enrich us all.


And at the bottom of it all? What's a school board to do with a declining student population? No easy answers.