by Cheryl Jackson Tuesday June 19, 2012

Have you thought about what your kids will do this summer? Do you have a philosophy about how that time should be spent? I do. I think kids should be outside, running around, making up games or backyard plays with their friends, poking through the grass looking for bugs and worms, playing in the water and the sand, building forts, tooling around the neighbourhood on their bikes. Does this sound nostalgic? Maybe it is, but for most kids, there's no reason they can't do all of those things today. Our world is safer than it's ever been, and research proves that kids need to be outside, playing. It's good for their brains, their bodies and their souls.  Here are some discussions to get you thinking:

Free-range Kids

Are you a little strapped for time?  Download our podcast and listen to it when you can.

Nature Deficit Disorder

Here's the Nature Deficit Disorder podcast.

Why are we terrified to let our kids go out and play? And what harm does that cause?  Barbara Coloroso, Michael Unger, Anthony Hutchinson and Phil Groff explain in Too Safe for Their Own Good.

And do kids actually need structured learning during the break? Here's what we learned about Summer Brain Drain.

And here's the Summer Brain Drain podcast.

So, pour yourself a cold drink, get settled in a comfy chair on the deck, and watch, or listen, to some of these discussions.

Summer's going to be fantastic.