by Cheryl Jackson Tuesday November 23, 2010

I just read a couple of articles on growing up digital and I'm more confused than ever. Are our kids better off with constant internet, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and a program or app for everything? Or are we creating a generation of kids with no attention span, no ability to prioritize, and less appreciation for face-to-face learning? 

If you read "Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction", posted in the New York Times and reposted on our Facebook page (ironic, I know), then you might be convinced kids today are doomed. In fact, it's not just the kids, it's me!  Several times while I write this blog I'll check my email, Facebook, Twitter, my open work windows, our home page, the news sites I follow, my text messages. That's just how it goes - back and forth from one thing to another. The work always gets done, but in bits and pieces rather than in one long go. It's just so easy now to move to whatever pops into your head. 

If you read "8 Ways Technology is Improving Education", posted on Mashable and reposted on our Facebook page, you'd wonder how we ever taught kids without technology. It suggests that we need to move beyond the "if" schools should incorporate technology  to "how" and lists eight areas where technology improves education. I won't list them all here - you can see them for yourself in the article.

We've posted some of our own content on this topic.  I've hosted discussions on whether or not libraries even need books anymore, on whether technology is dumbing down our kids and on how technology affects our kids.

This is an ongoing discussion and I can't even imagine what we'll be talking about in a year or five years from now.  Tell me about you and your family.  How much technology do your kids use? Are you happy about it? Do you think it's making them smarter or more capable? Or are we doomed....