by Cheryl Jackson Wednesday January 5, 2011

Before the holiday, a few of us here asked our Facebook friends to tell us which were their favourite books as a child, or which books they most loved reading to their own kids.

Wow, what a response. I was a bit surprised, although I don't know why. I certainly remember books I loved as a child, and I'm the one who's kept a box, well, several, of favourites I read to my kids when they were little.  Seems every parent has the same list of favourites.

Based on that response we've decided to start a book club - the tvoparents book club.  We're going to invite three people who loved reading as a child and who love reading to their kids to come to our studio once a month and talk with me about books  (like my own Ladies Literary Club, without the wine).  You'll be able to watch the discussion online and we'll give you a place to make your own comments and suggestions. Hopefully, this will be your go-to place to hear about great kids books and perhaps even parenting books.

Stay tuned to our site.  Our first 'club' will be posted later this month.

Happy Reading!