by Cheryl Jackson Monday May 2, 2011

My daughter just turned 18 and she's working the election. I'm proud, and thrilled she's getting a little inside look at how it all works.

She's working the registration table at one of the polling stations. She left for work early this morning with a big file folder with all the rules and regulations, a bag of food and water (it's a long day), and an umbrella (yes, it's still raining in Toronto). She wore black and grey and removed her nail polish (no party colours).  And she was a bit nervous because her work will be scrutinized by party members.

Not only is she learning a lot about how election day works, she was able to answer some of my questions about it. We had a good conversation yesterday.

Tonight, when she gets home, I'm pretty sure she'll join us to watch election coverage, which is the equivalent for me of watching the NHL playoffs. I've hosted election coverage in the past, and it's incredibly exciting.

Are you voting? Are you watching election coverage tonight? How are you including your kids?