by Cheryl Jackson Wednesday June 29, 2011

Where to start? How about with Ramsey Lake, a gorgeous northern lake in the middle of the city. I noticed it Saturday when we were taping at Science North and I envied the centre staff who get to go to work every day next to a lake.  When I had time Sunday afternoon, I ran at the lake. Beautiful. Some spots were quiet and serene. 

sudbury lake

Some parts were busy with people in the water, on the beach, walking the path.  I walked back Monday wearing my bathing suit under my clothes and went for a swim in Ramsey Lake. I ate poutine under a tree. And all of this happened a ten-minute walk from my downtown hotel.

sudbury poutine

What else? Well, I loved the food and outdoor patio at Laughing Buddha. And the Finnish market - I'll be eating their smoked whitefish to celebrate Canada Day. Am I talking too much about food?

Mostly, however, I loved the people. Everywhere we went people were friendly, helpful, ready to start a conversation. They had lots to say at AgendaCamp. We had an attentive audience at the Agenda with Steve Paikin broadcast. And our TVOParents crew were given an outstanding tour of Science North and Dynamic Earth, which is what took us to Sudbury in the first place.

Teachers Amy Henson at Science North and Megan Kolppanen at Dynamic Earth explained the theory behind play-based learning as they showed us huge bugs, flying squirrels and an underground mine. We've posted interviews with experts in play-based learning, but parents, if you're still not exactly sure what that means and why it works, watch Amy and Megan demonstrate. They were fabulous teachers.

So check out our Science North adventure to learn about the importance of play. And if you ever get the chance, go to Sudbury!  I highly recommend it.