by Cheryl Jackson Tuesday September 28, 2010

If you're new to tvoparents, welcome!  Did we meet on Sunday at Word on the Street?  Is that where you heard about us?  We tried our very best to get the word out about our site, and we met many many parents who had brought their children down to see TVOKids perform.  It was a great day for everyone, I think.

The TVOKids crew gets to meet its audience regularly with its Don't Sit Still tour, and through other performances and call-ins to the broadcasts, but for those of us here at tvoparents, it was an opportunity for us to get out of the office and meet a lot of parents at one time, in one place.  I was there, on and off stage,  and so were many of our team, with their kids.

This year, TVO also kicked off its 40th Anniversary Celebration at Word on the Street. Ontario's Minister of Education, Lorna Dombrowsky,  took the stage (did you know she has four grown children?) as did Polkaroo (no kids, but lots of kid fans). 

Ontario singer-songwriter, Brian MacMillan, performed a song written especially for TVO's 40th by our own producer, Drew Mullin.  It's called "You're My Home", and if creating an ear worm is a sign of song success, then it was successful. I can't get it out of my head.  I can't be alone in this, so here it is.


Thanks Drew and Brian for that great song. And thanks to everyone who came out to visit us at Word on the Street. Until next year!