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As soon as the warm weather arrived, some of the Grade 7 and 8 girls at my daughter's school starting coming to class half naked.

I was shocked one day when I popped in to the school to drop something off. I saw girls in tiny spaghetti strap tank tops, thin leggings and very short shorts. It was noticeable.

I know these girls. They're all very smart, nice kids. It's easy to say, well, they're full of hormones and this is normal. They want to be noticed

People for Education has just released a new report and it's not good news.

In its Declining Enrolment in Ontario Schools report, it reveals that three hundred schools in Ontario are involved in "accommodation reviews." That means if they'

Bisphenol A is in the process of being classified a toxic substance by the Canadian government. What does that mean?

It means that the chemical commonly found in baby bottles, sippy cups, reusable water bottles and tin can linings is damaging the health of our families.

Groups like the Environmental Defence have been warning about the use of this chemical for years now. It is linked

Last weekend, my kids and I watched in awe while nine deer wandered in our front field. Nine! I didn't know they travelled in such large groups, but now I do.

The weekend before, we watched a bird at the end of our deck come and go and come and go. We figured it was making a nest under our deck. If we got too close, it would fly away, so we took a picture of it with a zoom   lens so we could study its markings. We listened to its song, and were able to

"Please bring in a small potted plant or flower."  It’s a small request from my toddler’s daycare, but I’m a big advocate of admiring the details.

For Earth Day tomorrow, my son and his classmates will be planting their plants and flowers in the daycare garden.

We live in an urban setting, so like most families these days

Did you hear the news? The last soft-fruit canning factory in Canada is shutting down. Perhaps you missed this important bit of information, or didn't think it affected you, but it does. Here's why.

This cannery in the Niagara region leaves almost 200 peach and pear growers in the area without a market. The owner is closing it because it's cheaper to process these fruits elsewhere and ship them in. You know these products. They're the Del Monte and Aylmer

Have you taken our quiz  Are you an overprotective parent? Have you found out where you are on the "protection spectrum"?

I have. I'm balanced, but slightly under-protective. Hmmmm.....does this make me a bad parent? Should I even be telling you? Now you might think I don't love my children, or am too busy or too lazy to think twice about their safety.

Think your kid surfing on the family computer is the same as your kid sitting in front of the television? If you think -- yes -- think again.

Marc Goodchild, the Head of Interactive and On-Demand at BBC Children's, was speaking at Interactive Ontario's Interactive Content Exchange conference in Toronto recently, and he made some astute points about our children's online safety.

"The internet is not a substitute for television," Goodchild says. "It

I have always been ambivalent about summer camp for my children. I mean the kind of camp where they are away from home for two weeks, or even a month.

I think that's because when I was a kid, no one went to camp. None of my friends in Regina, anyway. There was one camp that I knew about, because they would advertise on TV. And there were faith-based camps, but they weren't part of my world. Instead, my family would take a 3-week road trip out west to visit