Dino Dan

Join paleontologist-in-training Dan Henderson as he takes kids on a Jurassic journey to the land where lizards were as long as three school buses and terrifying T-Rex's ruled.

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  • Meteorite Survivors
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    March 25, 2014

    Trek tells a story about a time-traveling Dino Mobile that goes back in time to see how some prehistoric creatures survived the meteorite crash that is believed to have made the dinosaurs extinct.

  • Night Vision Dino / Dino Glider
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    March 4, 2014

    When Trek goes to Bobby's for a camp out sleepover he tries to help Bobby and Bobby's Dad figure out who's been eating the vegetables out of their garden. Bobby and his Dad think it was a raccoon but Trek knows was a prehistoric creature - the nocturnal kind! ---- Trek wants to know if the Microraptor used its wings to fly. Luckily, Hannah and Trek are practicing trapeze at Hannah's Dad circus school and the trapeze act will help them figure it out.

  • Dino-Go-Seek / Dino Giants
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    February 25, 2014

    During an indoor game of hide and seek with his friends and Grandma, Trek discovers that Microraptors use their natural abilities to hide with the best of them! --- When Trek gets a guided tour of the Royal Ontario Museum from Dr. David Evans, he enlists the paleontologist's help to figure out who would win in a stand off, the Giganotosaurus or the T-rex?

  • Beach Blanket Deino / Robots and Dinos
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    February 18, 2014

    Trek goes to the beach with Mom and Grandma and is determined to figure out Dino Experiment 410,"How does the Deinosuchus get its food?" Luckily for Trek, he soon sees the Deinosuchus! --- Trek visits Bobby and his father at Mr. Caparaz's work- a robotics laboratory. Trek spots a Dromaeosaurus guarding its nest outside. Trek sees one of the Dromy's eggs get stolen and enlists the help of multiple robots to return the egg to its nest!

  • Flashy Dino / Adventures in Dino-Sitting
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    February 11, 2014

    It's Friendship Day and Trek discovers an Amargasaurus showing off for another Amargasaurus. Trek wants to figure out what they're doing. With the help of his friends, Trek figures out that the boy dino is trying to impress a girl dino. --- While Liam babysits Trek, Trek has some dino-sitting of his own to do, when a baby Albertosaurus, baby Brachiosaurus and a baby Spinosaurus find their way inside. It's up to Trek to get them out of his house before they turn it into a huge mess!

  • Tracker Trek / Teach a Spino to Fish
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    December 10, 2013

    When Penelope and her Mom take Trek camping, they wake up to find that something's messed up their campsite. Trek thinks it was a dino. But which dino?! It's up to Trek and Penelope to track it and find out! --- Trek goes fishing with Grandma and discovers a baby Spinosaurus taking his fish! Trek realizes its Mom isn't around so he teaches the Spinosaurus to catch its own fish.

  • Trek Rex
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    October 31, 2013

    Mom agrees to sew Trek's costume for his Birthday Party Costume Extravaganza but he keeps changing his mind about which herbivore he wants to dress up as!

  • Officer Trek / Dino Rocks
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    October 23, 2013

    Trek dreams that he and Mom are Police Officers on "The Case of the Missing Fish!". Can they figure out who stole Fisherman Bobby's fish - the Spinosaurus, the Plesiosaur or the Archelon? You bet they can! --- Trek is blown away when he sees a Psittacosaurus eating rocks. Trek's determined to find out what the dino's doing and, with a little help from Grandma, Trek learns that the Psittacosaurus didn't eat rocks but that rocks help them digest their food.

  • Micro Dino / Meteorite Survivors
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    September 26, 2013

    Trek is figuring out if the Microraptor was a carnivore or a herbivore by setting up elaborate traps around the house rigged with meats and veggies. However, Trek is repeatedly interrupted by Doug and Mom. Dino experiments aren't always easy. -- Trek tells a story about a time-traveling Dino Mobile that goes back in time to see how some prehistoric creatures survived the meteorite crash that is believed to have made the dinosaurs extinct.

  • Switched at Nest / Train of Dinos
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    September 24, 2013

    Trek is amazed when he sees an Edmontosaurus laying her egg in a Triceratops nest. With his friends help, Trek learns that some animals will lay their eggs in the nests of animals that can do a better job of protecting their babies. ---- Trek goes over to play model trains with Hannah and her Dad. Using the model train set backdrop they imagine what it would be like if dinosaurs lived amongst us today. They figure out that living with dinosaurs wouldn't be as cool as it sounds.