The Kratt brothers mix formats in a fun and energetic show that empowers kids to learn about the world around them by showing them how to make friends with animals and respect the creatures we share the world with.

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  • Ants and Eaters
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    June 9, 2001

    When an anteater shows up, Zoboo worries that it will eat a colony of ants living in Animal Junction. Zoboo learns that even though anteaters need ants to survive, ants have many ways of protecting themselves from anteaters.

  • Messy and Clean
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    May 21, 2001

    It's time to clean out the closet, but the more Zoboo tries to help, the bigger the mess he makes! No sooner is everything back in its place, than some European wild boars and a capuchin monkey mess everything up again.

  • Crocodilian
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    May 19, 2001

    The Kratt Brothers build a time machine and decide to investigate crocodilians, like the American alligator and caiman. But they almost get stranded in the Jurassic period with a hungry T-rex!

  • World of Legs
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    May 18, 2001

    Zoboo spies a salamander larva and wonders what kind of legs this creature will have once it hatches. Will it have strong legs like a tiger, hundreds of legs like a millipede or long ones like a kangaroo? When the salamander finally emerges, its legs are like nothing Zoboo imagined!

  • Hot and Cold
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    May 12, 2001

    A Gila monster and snow leopard come to visit and the Kratt Brothers turn Animal Junction into both a hot and cold place so ZobooĆ­s friends can stay for a while. After learning from the animals, Martin, Chris and Zoboo figure out how to adapt to living in different climates

  • Grow, Zoboo, Grow
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    March 2, 2001

    The Kratt Brothers are taking care of a human baby and a baby red kangaroo, and Zoboo wants to help the two babies grow. Martin and Chris explain that all creatures grow, but to do so they need rest, food and play.

  • Superclaw
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    March 1, 2001

    Zoboo wants to climb like some visiting kinkajous so the Kratt Brothers create special superclaws for Zoboo to wear. After falling off vines, Zoboo realizes that his own claws are just right for a lemur and other creatures have claws just perfect for them.

  • Don't Fence Me In
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    February 28, 2001

    Zoboo invites a wolverine to live with him in Animal Junction, only to realize that there's not enough space for his new pal. Wild creatures need room to roam.

  • Families
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    February 27, 2001

    When a baby African pygmy hedgehog comes to Animal Junction, Zoboo, Martin and Chris try to find the right adoptive family for her.

  • Armour
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    February 26, 2001

    Zoboo thinks that if he had armour, like his new African crested porcupine friends, he would be safe as he leapt from place to place.