Grandpa in My Pocket

When Grandpa (James Bolam) puts on his magic shrinking cap, he becomes small enough to hide in Jason's pocket - or his backpack, or lunch box or pencil case - and creates comic mayhem that Jason has to sort out.

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  • Grandpa's Greatest Escape Ever
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    July 28, 2013

    Great Aunt Loretta is planning an invention with Mr Mentor. Grandpa decides that he needs to help and tries to make his way to the lighthouse, hiding in Great Aunt Loretta's bag. Jason feels that he should be there too in case Grandpa gets into trouble and persuades Dad to take him to the lighthouse on the way to the beach. But Great Aunt Loretta stops off at Mr Whoops' toyshop first - Grandpa has to make a quick escape and ends up in a jar of lemon bonbons. And before he can escape from the bonbons, he's poured into some sweet boxes and bought by Miss Smiley. Jason eventually tracks Grandpa down to the café where he manages to rescue him just in time. They finally make it back to the lighthouse where Grandpa adds a touch of his special magic to make Mr Mentor and Great Aunt Loretta's new invention work - he hides in their miniature hot air balloon and makes his greatest escape out of the lighthouse window!

  • Captain Shipshape and a Fish called Bryan
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    July 21, 2013

    When a big cruise ship breaks down in Sunnysands, Mum invites the Captain to come to stay. He arrives with his pet goldfish Bryan, to whom he is utterly devoted. Captain Shipshape turns out to be extremely bossy and insists that the family - including Great Aunt Loretta - perform various exhausting tasks on the stroke of every hour. But Grandpa has a brilliant plan to get rid of the bossy Captain and his fish! He shrinks and hides in Captain Shipshape's clock, speeding up the time until it's time for the captain's nap. Once he's got Captain Shipshape and Bryan on their own, Grandpa performs a trick that makes the Captain believe that it's his fish's wish that they go back to their ship. Mission accomplished!

  • Wulfy's Day with Mr. Whoops
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    July 14, 2013

    Mr Whoops wants a dog and Mum suggests that he tries looking after Wulfy for a day to see how he likes it. Mum says that he's such a clever dog, he almost tells you what he wants! Grandpa is not at all sure that this is a good idea, so he puts on his Shrinking Cap and rushes off to the toyshop. Although Wulfy is very well behaved, Mr Whoops keeps having lots of little accidents and doesn't know what to do with his temporary pet. So Grandpa hides behind Wulfy and tells Mr Whoops what to do. Mr Whoops is amazed - it seems Mum was right, Wulfy really does say what he wants! Mr Whoops takes Wulfy on a walk to the beach and Grandpa follows, flying on the tail of a kite. At the beach, Mr Whoops has yet another little accident so Grandpa sends Wulfy to get help. So instead of Mr Whoops looking after Wulfy, Wulfy looks after Mr Whoops!

  • A Sunnysands Tick Tock Shock
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    July 7, 2013

    Great Aunt Loretta has decided to make a clock for Mr Mentor's clock competition. Grandpa is keen that she should win because the prize is a holiday and he'd like a break from his annoying sister! But making things out of paper, glue and paint is not Great Aunt Loretta's forte - her clock is a disaster and she won't let Grandpa help. So there's no alternative but to put on the Shrinking Cap and help without her knowing! Believing her clock complete, Great Aunt Loretta goes to Miss Smiley's Café for the competition judging but when she gets there she loses confidence - all the other clocks are just too good. But while she's hiding in the toilets, Grandpa uses his magic to turn her clock into the best in show. Mr Mentor is suitably impressed and awards Great Aunt Loretta first prize. Now she can go on the holiday and guess who she wants to take with her - Grandpa of course!

  • Miss Smiley's Dancing Tea
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    June 30, 2013

    Bubbles the babysitter has come round to teach everyone how to Flamenco dance because Miss Smiley is holding a "dancing tea" at her café. But Great Aunt Loretta arrives and tries to take over. Grandpa isn't having this, so on goes the cap! Off they go to Miss Smiley's café, but despite Grandpa's efforts, Great Aunt Loretta won't stop interfering with rehearsals and she even changes Jemima's dancing dolls display. It's time for the Dancing Tea to begin so Grandpa has to take drastic action. He dresses up as one of the Dancing Dolls and puts them all back in their proper place, hoping this will distract Great Aunt Loretta. But his plan doesn't work. What Loretta really needs is a dancing partner to occupy her. Grandpa and Jason contact Mr Whoops who immediately obliges and sweeps Great Aunt Loretta off her feet with the tango. Now everyone can dance, including Grandpa!

  • Mr. Scoffbucket the Goat
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    June 23, 2013

    Mum and Dad are going away for the weekend, leaving Great Aunt Loretta in charge - much to Grandpa's irritation. And if that wasn't bad enough, Mum has forgotten that she'd promised to look after her friend's goat - Mr Scoffbucket. Great Aunt Loretta isn't at all keen on goats but still insists that she deals with it and won't let Grandpa help out. Fearing the worst, Grandpa shrinks and tries to help secretly. But Mr Scoffbucket proves harder to look after than he'd bargained for - butting Great Aunt Loretta in the bottom and eating her pants off the washing line! When he breaks free from his tether and runs into the house, Grandpa decides to fly off to get help from a friend - Mr Liker Biker! Luckily, Mr Liker Biker is very good with goats and saves everything from being chewed to pieces.

  • A Song for Miss Smiley
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    June 16, 2013

    Mr Whoops has bought a musical box for Miss Smiley and he's even made up a song to sing to her. However, he's feeling nervous so he comes to practise in front of Jason and Grandpa. It's then he discovers that he's mislaid the key to the musical box, and without the key the music won't play. Mr Whoops needs some help so it's a good job Grandpa can shrink and get into tiny places! They all go the toyshop where Grandpa finds the key, but then Mr Whoops realises he's left the musical box at the Masons' house. Back home they go - but this time, Mr Whoops accidentally drops the key down the plughole of the kitchen sink! It's Grandpa to the rescue again. Off they go to the café but Mr Whoops manages to lose the key again, this time in a bowl of trifle. Grandpa dives in and retrieves it just in time for Mr Whoops to sing his beautiful song. And it makes Miss Smiley so happy she almost cries!

  • Big Elf Little Elf
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    June 9, 2013

    Mum is making everyone fancy dress costumes for the Sunnysands Fancy Dress party. The theme is Fairytales so Grandpa and Jason are going dressed as Big Elf and Little Elf. But there's lots of do and Great Aunt Loretta (dressed as a fairy) decides that Mum needs some help. She invites her friend Mrs Maridadi the Dressmaker over. Mrs Maridadi pours scorn on all Mum's efforts and transforms Grandpa's Shrinking Cap into an elf's flower petal cap. Now she wants him to try it on! With Jason's help, Grandpa retrieves his precious magic cap and quickly shrinks - Mrs Maridadi is lured into the garden where Grandpa presents himself as a real elf from fairyland. He tells a rather shocked Mrs Maridadi that all Mum's costumes are fantastic and fairytale-like and should not be interfered with. An enchanted Mrs Maridadi finally leaves them in peace and the whole family goes off to the party looking divine.

  • Mr. Whoops' Toy of the Week
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    June 2, 2013

    Jason and Jemima go to Mr Whoops' toyshop to choose his Toy of the Week. Grandpa wants to come too, so he shrinks and hides in Jason's backpack. But when they arrive at the toyshop who should be there, but Floyd? He is making Mr Whoops run around fetching this and that, and having many little accidents in the process. Then Jemima finds a cute little clown puppet and Mr Whoops brings out a beautiful puppet theatre. Floyd starts interfering as usual, so Grandpa attempts to occupy him with a "talking" dog pencil case. The plan works, but not for long - Floyd is soon interfering again. When Jemima tangles the strings of her puppet, Grandpa has an idea. With Jason's help he dresses up in the clown costume and takes the puppet's place. Jason and Jemima perform a wonderful puppet show, with Grandpa dancing on the end of Jemima's strings. Floyd can't help but be impressed. The clever clown puppet is voted Toy of the Week and put in the shop window. It's Jason to Grandpa's rescue again!

  • Great Aunt Loretta's Not-so-Great Plan
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    May 26, 2013

    When Mum and Dad go off to a wedding Great Aunt Loretta calls in a so-called expert to help redecorate the sitting room - the one and only Roger Splodger. Knowing Great Aunt Loretta's terrible taste, Grandpa sets out to thwart her plans. He puts on the Shrinking Cap and hides on the shelves, but is suddenly found by Roger. Grandpa quickly freezes and is mistaken for a "funny-looking" ornament. While Great Aunt Loretta mixes paste, Roger starts cutting lengths of revolting wallpaper. Desperate to keep Roger from his task, Grandpa keeps making "weird things happen", finally spooking Roger who is convinced that the misbehaving ornament has come alive. Jason explains that the house is trying to tell him that it doesn't want to be re-decorated. Roger Splodger has had enough and runs away, much to Great Aunt Loretta's annoyance. Of course, when Mum and Dad return everything is back to normal and they have no idea that Grandpa saved the day!