The Large Family

The hilarious domestic chaos of an all-too human elephant family with big dreams, high hopes and enormous piles of laundry.

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  • My Cousin Little Luke
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    October 12, 2010

    Mrs Large's sister, Lettie, has come to stay, bringing with her, her baby -Lucian. Luke quickly falls for Lucian (Little Luke as Lettie calls him) and determines he would like to look after him during their stay. When Mrs Large, Lettie and Laura all go out for the afternoon, Luke proudly accepts the role of Lucian's carer (though Mr Large is never far away). Unfortunately, although Lettie has assured them that Lucian normally sleeps all afternoon, this proves not to be the case today and soon the house is covered in chocolate mousse, torn up paper, broken biscuits and scattered furnishings (Lucy proves a good playmate for Lucian!). Fortunately Luke and Mr Large get warning of the girls' return and manage to tidy up and get Lucian back to sleep just in time. All looks quiet and peaceful, so Aunt Lettie can't quite understand why Luke doesn't want to repeat his child minding duties the next morning.

  • The Old New Teacher
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    October 11, 2010

    The children's normal teacher Miss Lovely is away, and they have anew, temporary teacher, Mrs Gray. She is much older and more traditional in her ways than Miss Lovely - she likes the children to be quiet, hard-working and obedient at all times. Perhaps not surprisingly Lester and Mrs Gray do not see eye to eye - Lester just cannot believe that anyone can be so serious all the time, and he takes it as a challenge when Sebastian bets him he can't make her smile. Unfortunately Lester's attempts to make her do so get him into even deeper trouble until one day, when Mrs Gray leaves her lesson plans on the bus, it is Lester who comes up with the plan to save the day, and finally makes her laugh.

  • Mr Short's Christmas
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    October 7, 2010

    It's Christmas Eve and all the Large Family are getting ready for a special Christmas Eve dinner - putting up the tree, decorating, cooking. Each of the children is also preparing a special surprise. Lester is busy going backwards and forwards to Mr Short's shop to get the last few groceries that Mrs Large has forgotten. But on his final trip, just before the shop is about to close, he finds that Mr Short is all alone with no company and just a sandwich to eat. A quick call home results in Lester preparing the biggest surprise of all the children - giving Mr Short the happiest Christmas he has ever had.

  • A Relaxing Day
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    October 6, 2010

    Mrs Large receives a voucher for a free day's pampering at the newly opened health spa in town. However, her day is somewhat spoiled by the unexpected presence of Mrs Smart, determined to show her neighbour how to enjoy herself! Meanwhile back at home, Laura who had desperately wanted to go with her Mum to the spa is delighted when Lester comes up with the idea of creating their own spa in the garden. And when Mrs Large returns she finds the home made spa much more to her liking.

  • A Walk in the Woods
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    October 5, 2010

    It's a beautiful day and Mr Large decides to take the family for a day of fresh air and exercise in the woods. The children are not enthusiastic, but Mr Large insists they will have a great time. Mrs Large however fancies a quiet day at home. The children are determined not to enjoy it, but first Lucy, then Laura and eventually the boys too are inspired by Mr Large's energy and enthusiasm. Meanwhile at home, Mrs Large's quiet day is interrupted by a visit from Mrs Smart and her insistence on them doing aerobics together. The end of the day comes, and Mr Smart and the children have to walk home, having lost the car keys. By now the children are bursting with enthusiasm and energy but Mr and Mrs Large are exhausted.

  • Mrs Large's Big Night
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    October 4, 2010

    Mr and Mrs Large are going to the school dinner-dance and Mrs Large goes off to have her hair done at Guido's salon as a special treat, leaving her one evening dress drying on the washing line. Unfortunately, during some rather boisterous activities in the garden, the children manage to cover it in paint and jam, and then make things worse by trying to scrub it off with pan cleaner! Just in time, Laura comes up with an idea to save the day (and the dress) by making it fashionably floral.

  • Rotorwhizzers
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    October 3, 2010

    Lester's old remote controlled plane now flies rather erratically. So when he sees that Sebastian has got a new "Rotorwhizzer ", the very latest flying toy, he is very envious. Determined not to be defeated, he sets about doing jobs for his neighbours, and soon saves up enough for his very own rotorwhizzer....only to find that everywhere has sold out. Lester is in the depths of despair until Sebastian pleads with him to help him get his rotorwhizzer down from the roof where it has got stuck. Maybe Lester's old plane is not so useless after all...

  • Four Go Away Together
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    September 30, 2010

    Mr and Mrs Large have been invited to a wedding so Granny and Grandpa have agreed that all four children can stay with them. Lester and Laura think it will be fun, but Luke is worried that he'll miss his Mum and Dad. To smooth over the situation Mrs Large offers a prize to either Lester or Laura, for whichever one proves to have been the best at looking after Luke. Luke's early unhappiness gradually disappears as Lester and Laura enter into the spirit of their Mum's idea, but when Mr Large's old toys are discovered in the attic, it is Luke himself who comes up with the idea that makes him forget all his earlier worries.

  • Happy Birthday Luke!
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    September 29, 2010

    It is only a few days until Luke's birthday. He makes a present list and issues his party invitations. Everyone accepts, including Peter Perfect. Luke is worried because Peter always has amazing parties. He decides he will have to rehearse all the games, and what about an entertainer? Peter will expect an entertainer. Luckily Mr Large offers his skills as a magician. Come the big day and all goes well in spite of Luke's worries. And Luke's life is made complete when the next day, Peter and his Mum call round to say just how great the party was, and how Peter has asked for one just like it next time around!

  • Girl Power
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    September 28, 2010

    Laura invites her friend Julia to play after school. Lester asks Mrs Large if he can have Sebastian round to play as well. But his Mum says one friend at a time is enough. Lester thinks this is very unfair and enlists Luke to help him have some fun, by disrupting the girls' activities. Mrs Large is not amused, and it's only the arrival of Mr Large back from work that prevents her blowing her top. Mr Large calms things down by suggesting that he organises a boys versus girls contest in the garden. The boys have no doubt who'll win, but they hadn't counted on the talents of the smallest girl in the family.