Poppy Cat

Poppy Cat is a little cat with a BIG imagination who has been introduced to the world through the popular 3-D pop-up books written and illustrated by Lara Jones. Poppy Cat's world is easily identifiable to the preschool-aged child, as Poppy Cat and her friends laugh, play, explore and pretend together. It reinforces language acquisition skills and encourages verbal creativity by the use of rhyming narration.

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  • Forgotten Circus
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    January 13, 2013

    When a poster blows in from the Snowy Circus, Mo confesses he has never been to a circus, so the gang head off for the Arctic in the train, until they are stopped by Cornelius P. Golddigger (Egbert), joins their quest to find the circus. They find the tent and Gilda in the ticket booth but she explains that the circus has moved on, but allows them inside the tent anyway, where they are joined by a little polar bear named Ellie who has come to see the show. Poppy, Zuzu, Alma, and Owl put on their own circus for the appreciative Mo and Ellie.

  • Welcome Walrus
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    January 6, 2013

    Zuzu excitedly presents Owl with a homemade waving wooden walrus but when the walrus mysteriously disappears, the friends head out in the hot air balloon to the mountains to see if Mother Bumblebird has seen it. Along the way, Owl confesses to Poppy that he finds the decoration unappealing, and they run into Yngling, the Disco Viking (Egbert) who takes control of their balloon. Once they retrieve the walrus from the near-sighted Mother Bumblebird, the friends encounter a polar bear named Roger, who admires the walrus so much that Poppy suggests that Owl give it up, since it will help visitors know that Roger is a friendly bear.

  • Case Closed
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    December 30, 2012

    Owl is upset that his book went missing, so the gang search for clues using Mo's detective kit, and head out for the Purple Pine Forest in the car, where they meet Ernie, the Tree Hugging Tortoise (Egbert) who convinces them to hug some trees. Footprints and a feather lead them to Gilda, who took Owl's book because it was overdue at the Library Tree.

  • Cousin Alma
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    December 23, 2012

    Alma's cousin Chester is playing with the gang when a giant hula-hoop falls from the sky from the planet Teeny-Tiny; they decide to take it back and show Chester outer space. Along the way, Chester impresses Alma's friends, and intimidates Officer Moonrock, Space Patrol (Egbert) who stops their rocketship for speeding. After Egbert steers them into Asteroid Alley, Alma slips out into space, convinced that her friends like Chester more than her. Poppy goes on a spacewalk to save Alma and assure her that she will always be their best friend.

  • World Record
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    December 16, 2012

    Poppy's friends encourage her to be the first cat to fly around the world, setting a new record, so they're off in the hot air balloon to the Arctic to start the journey, where they encounter Gilda. The group heads into a storm and must sacrifice some of their things to lighten the balloon; next they meet Commander Buzz-Brain, Bat Pilot (Egbert) who tries to break the record first. Poppy wins with help from her friends and they reclaim all of their things.

  • Rocket Cat Radio
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    December 9, 2012

    The gang hear a distress call from Rocket-Cat on Zuzu's new Rocket-Cat radio, and decide to take their rocket to the dark side of the Green-Cheese Moon, running into Gilda in outer space before landing and being taken prisoner by the Great Zircon, Ruler of the Dark Planet (Egbert) who puts them in jail along with Rocket-Cat. Mo saves the day with his special key.

  • Lost Stuff
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    December 2, 2012

    When Zuzu loses a gift for Poppy, they decide to take the rocketship to the Planet of Lost Stuff to find it, Shamrock Holmes, Space Detective (Egbert), who takes over their rocket and crashes it on the right planet then jets off. The gang starts finding all of their lost things, but when a strange alien sound frightens them, they quickly make use of Zuzu's gift: an inflatable rocket for emergencies.

  • Sunken Ship
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    November 25, 2012

    When Poppy and her friends decide they need gold for their statue they are building Cecil the Toad King, they go off in the submarine to the Sea of Shipwrecks to find a sunken ship with treasure. Seymour the Sucker Fish (Egbert) sticks to their sub, then promises to lead them to the ship, only to find the treasure chest guarded by a giant squid named Sophie. The chest turns out to be full of rubber ducks which float to the surface and Cecil and his Queen declare them more beautiful than gold.

  • Special Delivery
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    November 18, 2012

    When Mo assumes the role of Postman for the day, he must deliver a letter to Treehouse Trevor who lives in the Tanglewood Forest. They arrive by hot air balloon and meet Crunch-Top, the Game-Playing Carrot (Egbert) who insists they play games until Poppy has him play Hide 'N Seek, which is over quickly and they can look for Treehouse Trevor, a monkey who is very happy to receive his special letter.

  • Waterfall Lane
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    November 11, 2012

    While digging a swimming pool, the gang discovers a piece of tile covered in picture writing and Owl decides that his old friend, Professor Peanut could decipher it, so they're off to the Deepest Jungle by plane, where they search for Number One Waterfall Lane without success. Professor Gobbledy-Gook (Egbert) insists that he can read their picture-writing, but is making it up. They find Prof. Peanut who explains that the tile is his house number, inviting visitors to swim, which the gang happily does.