We knew we had to tackle math and science. And "tackle" may be a biased word. Some people love math, it's true. But many students not only don't like math, they also think it's kind of cool to say, "I really don't get it." As one of our experts says, no one would dare say they "really don't get" reading. That implies something different. 

However, math and science teach us about magic, wonder, and curiosity - about the nature of our world, and even other worlds. They push the edge of imagination - like art. Doesn't that make math and science more crucial than ever? And isn't that what the proponents of "21st century skills" are talking about? Creative and critical thinking?

So how can we help our kids find the art and passion in math and science?

To get started, here's a number trick you can do with your kids. You can also watch the TVOParents Book Club on math and science - our experts talk about really good kids' stories that can be a back door to learning math and science. 

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